Change Your Thoughts On Real Estate

What if I told you that in a national survey about honesty and ethics in professions, Realtors were rated in the bottom 2%?  Do you know where that puts Realtors in the public perception? Just above car salesmen and members of Congress.  Not to besmirch these professions; we need to buy cars and we need to have some form of government. The basic public perception of dishonesty and selfishness does pervade the culture of real estate, and while I will never deny this, as a Realtor, it pisses me off.

But I can’t blame you at all! Realtors are portrayed in the media as shifty-eyed, money-grubbing bottom feeders who prey on the desperate buyers and sellers that have the severe misfortune of crossing their path.  Case in Point: Marcy from American Horror Story.american-horror-story-marcy If you aren’t familiar with the show, this “Realtor” sells a relocating family a house that has a history of brutal murders, and when confronted about omitting those facts, refuses to help resale the house.  In real life, she would have lost her license and more, but it’s not up to me to point out plot holes in Ryan Murphy’s story lines (which I could do all day, by the way). Point is, I get why customers and clients think we are merely money driven and will happily throw anyone under the bus for the sake of making a buck.

That’s why I am here, December 31, 2016.  If I had a penny for how many times this year I have been backhandedly accused of being a money-grubbing real estate agent, I would have about…okay 10 cents.  But to me, that is 10 cents too many.  This blog is created for you, the buyers, the sellers, the renters, the relocating, the upsizing, the downsizing, the desperate, the quite at their leisure, the interior design enthusiasts, anyone who has a roof over their head, tin or otherwise. I promise no BS.  This is going to get weird, folks.  Let’s get down to it.