Buyers Corner: How Much You’ll Have to Pay During the Purchase Process

Happy Hump Day, everyone.  And what a wet one it is.  Pouring cats and dogs outside and the poor inspector I am currently sitting at a house with is going to have to get on the roof eventually.  But, hey, the seller left us fudge and they are generously letting me use their Wi-Fi so life is good.

Today is a short day, so I am going to keep this post short (you’re welcome).  Of the many common questions I get from my buyers is: how much am I going to spend up front?  There’s the short answer: Totally up to you. Then, there’s the long answer: Totally up to you, but you need to know what the services are and what you are paying for.

Health Illustrative

Oh, man, I love me a good infographic!  Don’t go running to the hills or to the bank just yet upon seeing this list.  It’s important to decide which inspections you are really going to need and what you don’t.  If you are buying a house that is on public water and sewer, a well and septic inspection is not needed.  Your Realtor® will be able to put you in touch with service providers that fit your budget, as well.

Have additional questions on how much money you should be saving for your home purchase?  Give me a call!


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You have questions? I have answers!  Leave your comments and questions below and I will be happy to correspond with you.

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