Client Success Story: First Time Buying with The Chisari’s

Each month, past clients share their insights and tips for buyers and sellers.  February’s Client Success Story is the Chisari Family and their experience with buying their first home!


Nicole and her son Eddie Dean.  Her husband Jason was at work during the photo shoot so we definitely missed him and will need to catch him next time around.  

I met Nicole back in college which feels like eons ago, and, like me, she decided to stay local and raise her family in Rock Hill.  I was absolutely stoked when she reached out to me in 2012 to help her and her then-fiance Jason purchase their first home.  Yes, Nicole, it’s been almost 6 years since we started the process.  It took them about a year and a half before the official search started, but once they were in, they were 100% in.  A couple of the best buyer clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Nicole and Jason chose me to be their agent because she had been following my work since college, and one of the most important traits they valued in their agent was trust.

I wanted someone who I felt I could trust and would put my family’s best interests first versus a paycheck, and I knew you would do that. I also knew it would take my husband and I some time to find our perfect fit (partly due to me being selective, partly due to his repeated question of ‘Are we ready for this yet?’), so I needed the aforementioned trust.


The key to working with the Chisari’s was exercising patience, which they greatly appreciated.  A buyer should never feel too rushed, especially when buying their first home.  There was a lot of searching and we initially found one that seemed to be a good fit at the time, however, upon further inspections, Nicole and Jason found out the house was carrying a significant material defect and had to cancel their contract.  Back to the drawing board, and right down the street we went, to a charmer that had been on the market for a couple of months. Nicole says that the moment she stepped inside, she could envision future holiday celebrations and decorating in this house that she did not quite experience at the other.  They are still making little changes here and there for them, but it has always felt like home.


We did visit their dream home a time or two before making an offer, but once we were in, it was smooth sailing from there.  They closed just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Nicole’s best advice for first-time home buyers:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments of your life, so the more you know…you get the drift. Don’t get caught up on small things like paint color or cabinet handles – those are easy fixes. Lastly, don’t get caught up in sticker shock. Just because a home says a certain price doesn’t mean you have to offer the highest amount right at that moment.


While the market has changed significantly in such a short period of time, this is most excellent advice.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really need when it comes to negotiations.

Since then, Jason and Nicole have done their decorating and their house is positively adorable during the holidays.  They brought their son Eddie Dean to this home from the hospital and it’s so fun to watch him figure out the world in this house.  It’s a gorgeous, magnificent slice of life, this home.  And I am so honored I got to help such a wonderful family move in.

Until next time!

Thank you to RegStinson Photography for the gorgeous photos.

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