Realtor Work Around: Faux Fireplaces FTW

Back when I was a first time home buyer, some 10 years ago, I wanted a house with a fireplace.  I didn’t care what it took, I was going to have my fireplace, darn it!  Fast forward to after closing…I did not buy a house with a fireplace.  Because, as it turned out, it was more important to have enough money to keep the heat on than to have an actual fireplace in my condo.

So, I had to improvise.  The easiest way is to buy an electric fireplace.  I got mine from WalMart, believe it or not, and it still has a place of honor in our den at the Casa.  Here are a few awesome fireplaces you can put in your house for under $1000.  You can click on the photos to shop to your heart’s content!


From The Home Depot


From The Home Depot


From WalMart

Once you’re out of the rabbit hole, maybe you’re not ready to commit to a full on fireplace just yet for whatever reason and maybe you just like the look of a mantle. Great for home staging if you live in a boxy house that doesn’t really have a focal point and you want to create one on the fly.


Photo Credit Petite Party Studio. Click the Photo to Go to Her Blog!

I love, love, LOVE the chevron wood on the inside.  It really warms up the mantle without having an fire elements.


Photo Credit from HomeTalk Blog. Click the Photo to Go to the Blog Post!

I love me some shiplap and the stone surround on this, too, is so pretty. If I could go back in time…I still might.  I still have the condo!  That would look gorgeous in the living room.


Photo Credit WoodShopDiaries Blog. Click on the photo for the full tutorial

The faux brick on this fireplace is gorgeous!  She makes it look so simple and fun!  I don’t know about you guys, but I am feeling inspired.  Which one is your favorite?

Need ideas for sprucing up your house?  I am here to help!

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You have questions? I have answers! Leave your comments below.

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