Renovation Projects for 2018 and Your ROI

If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to the New Year and budgeting for different home projects.  Whether you’re eyeing the old kitchen cabinets or know that roof is coming due for a replacement, the cold hard facts below will help you prioritize your home projects for 2018.

According to HouseLogic and Keeping Current Matters, these are the top home renovation projects you should tackle to recoup your investment.


A few extra updates to look at while you’re at it:

  • Re-insulating the house! According to Investopedia, blowing in fiberglass insulation will not only yield 107% return, your energy bills will drop as well which means more money in your pocket in the long run.
  • Upgrade that front door! Investopedia says that updating your front door will not only boost your curb appeal (winning) but will again, help with the energy bills.  You’ll also be getting back around 90% of your investment.

So, wait…why aren’t kitchens and bathrooms on the list anymore?  Mainly because they are so hard to tackle on your own.  That means hiring contractors and acquiring permits which can get costly.  Not to say you shouldn’t update that kitchen if you can’t stand it, but unless you are planning to hang out in your home for another couple of years to truly enjoy the updates, focus on the above to regain your investment as soon as this coming year!

Need a Realtor® opinion on what you should update in 2018? Give me a call!

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