The Gift of a Home: Reasons to Buy A Home During the Holidays

In previous posts, I touched on the advantages of selling your home during the holidays and then some tips for selling that home.

Being a buyer during the holidays is a little more tricky because it does involve more legwork, however, buying a home during the period of time between October 31 and December 31 does have it’s perks.

Reason #1: Less competitionreal_estate_purchase_offer

During the summer, it was rush, rush, rush! Visions of open houses with at least 50 people waiting out on the front lawn, the PTSD from multiple offers after multiple offers may be haunting a lot of buyers.  But, baby, it’s cold outside and there’s 10,000 other things that need to be done.  Like sellers, most buyers tune into that feeling of wanting to take a break until the New Year.  Taking advantage of this special time of year means less risk of a massive multiple offer situation, having more time to stick around and view the home, and being able to take a moment to really mull it over (over a cup of cocoa, of course)and come up with a good offer with your Realtor®.

Reason #2: People Are Just More in the Holiday Spirit


Blame it on the warm fuzzy feeling folks get this time of year, but sellers are more open to negotiating and compromising a little more.  The overall feeling of the transaction can be a little less contentious and have that “Peace on Earth” vibe that means a smooth contract to closing for everyone involved.  And that peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!

Reason #3: Homes Are Priced to Sell NOW


The tax bills just rolled out, the holiday bills will be rolling in, and sellers who put their homes on the market during the holidays are ready to sell now.  There’s no fussing about the pricing and you are more likely to get a better deal during the holidays than any other time of year.

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