The Gift of A Home: Why You Should Sell Your Home During the Holidays

The holidays are officially upon us! With the plans, the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping…why would ANYONE in their right mind put their house on the market from November 1 to December 31? Because the real estate market doesn’t take a holiday during the most wonderful time of the year!

Advantage #1: Less Competition Means Less Time on the Market

There are plenty of sellers who are just wanting to wait until the new year, which means less competition for the sellers who put their houses on the market during the holidays.  Historically, inventory rates take a dip during this time.  637bc592-2aae-40dd-b247-cdf50bbb4bb5

That is one sweet dip, you might say. Taking advantage of the listing slump could work in your favor, right down to less time on market. So you CAN enjoy the holidays while knowing you have a contract in your stocking!

Advantage #2: Buyers Are Still Looking 

Buyers from the Summer and Fall are still sticking it out…and still looking for your house.  In fact, Realtors across the Carolinas have expressed that the time from October to the end of the year IS their top producing quarter.  What does that mean for sellers?  The potential for multiple offers, and more importantly, an offer on your terms, is higher.


This could be your buyer…not the kitten…but you get the picture

Advantage #3: Your House is Already Clean and Smells Like Pie? Show It Off!

Call it the magic of the holidays, but homes just look more…homey…when the house is decked out and the smells of fresh baking fill the air.  And buyers Eat.That.Up! Buyers shopping for a home during the holidays are looking at where they can put their tree, where the entertaining will take place, and if there’s space for all the family that will come to visit.  Taking advantage of this could sell your home faster and on your terms.


Ready to sell your home now?  Give me a shout! I am here to answer your questions and tailor the perfect marketing plan to get your home sold faster and on your terms!

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