Stop Saying “I Wish” And Do It

At the risk of sounding too much like Shia LaBeouf, funny motivational speaker to the masses that he is ( I can’t judge; this video got over 23 million views), something needs to be said.

I was out for my walk Friday morning, head-set flashlight a-blazin’, and I waved at one of my neighbors as she walked out to her car.  I paused for a moment as she asked how I was doing and I replied, “I’m out gettin’ it.”  Her reply, “I wish I could get out and walk like that.” I don’t know this woman, so I won’t throw shade at her.  She may have had a surgery that impedes her from walking long distances or she may be like a friend of mine, who, after a run, feels physically exhausted and ill for days.  Those are things that cannot be controlled, and therefore, this post is not aimed towards that sect whatsoever.

Too many people use the phrase “I wish I could…” that are capable of change, that have the ability to do what they want in life, to get to where they want to be.  But they don’t.  I’m including myself in this, so this is a rant for you as well as for myself.  Got to eat the my own chicken soup for the soul every now and then.

I can talk about how I’m going to do something all day, and then the end of the day comes around and I didn’t do jack.  I was able to perform the task, I had the tools, I even had the time.  But what did I do with that opportunity to make my life better?  I freaking sat on my butt and watched Full House reruns. I piddled around on Facebook. I played a game on my phone for an hour. What the hell?  I’m sick with myself. That’s time I could have been on the phone with potential clients, past clients showing my gratitude for them, yada yada the list goes on and on.  So I’m not entitled to the “I wish I could be better at my job” statement.  I’m not.

Really, for a second, stop reading and look at yourself.  Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Do you have everything in life that you ever wanted for yourself?  If you are and you do, awesome.  I am not here to make you feel less than.  That level of happiness is something not many people will ever be able to attain.  The main objective of this is that if you are complaining on a daily basis about how crappy your life is, how nothing is your fault and that everyone else is to blame, and you have been drinking that self pity Koolaid for too long and you know it, you have a chance today to change that.  But you have to do it.  You have to make that decision and stick with it.

For the next week, really pay attention to what you say.  I’m big into affirmations. When you catch yourself saying “I wish I could run a mile,” switch it up to “Today, I commit to going for a mile walk.” Instead of saying “I wish I could be as successful as so-and-so” change it to “Today I commit to calling 10 of my favorite clients and telling them how much I appreciate their business.” And let’s go deeper. Make over that “I wish I had a bigger client base” into “Today I commit to ask for an introduction to someone I know I can help.”

Follow this exercise for a week and report back.  The change may not be overnight, but you will see how at the very least, a change in your attitude will open up more doors.  But you have to choose to stop complaining and just do it.

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