If There’s One Thing I’ve Learned In Real Estate…


When I was a kid, I promised myself that I would never get a job where I had to go back to school ever, ever, EVER again.  Yes, that’s with a sassy foot stomp.  After college, I was done with school for good, mainly because nothing in class really grabbed me.

I was the kid who was more interested in reading the latest Harry Potter book or more importantly, trying to figure out how to get my candle making/doll making/knitting/card making businesses would ever get off the ground.  And while all these endeavors absolutely blew the big one and went no where, that entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well.

I watched my mom go through the ringer as she went from being a loan officer at a local credit union to a Realtor at 40, not the easiest career change.  There were nights she would come home absolutely devastated, others she was elated.  But she freaking killed it at the real estate thing! She had no choice. She was able to pay for mine and my sister’s education, our house, everything we had because of that job. But I hated the affect that it had on her, not knowing what to do or really being able to help her when things went sideways, especially once the recession began. I told her I would never, ever, EVER become a Realtor at the age of 22.  This was with a slightly less sassy foot stomp, because I was freshly out of college, unemployed, and had no clue what the hell I was going to do with my life.  Not even Starbucks would hire me! (yeah, I’m looking at you Starbucks)…

So, I did what any one would have done in my position…I went to work for my mom.  I was her unlicensed assistant, pushing the paper, making the brochures, still not really feeling that fire, I guess for lack of a better term at the moment.  I got the fire one day sitting at my desk, finally fed up with the high levels of stupid clogging up our files, emails, and cell phones. “These people are idiots! I could do their jobs twice as good as they could,” my big fat, swollen head said.  Mom looked at me, sucked her teeth a little bit, and said “Prove it.”


Dawwww, look at us there.  That was taken at a VIP event for Allen Tate several years back. Anyway, fast forward 6 years, almost 7 (7 years? geez), and I have learned a lot.  And I have eaten many crows, frogs, and multiple woodland creatures…figuratively not literally, of course.  And I finished each course off with some humble pie.

But if there is one thing I have learned from Real Estate, more than anything else is that I freaking love it because you have to go to “school” every single day. Each day is a new learning experience.  I love helping people, I love looking at houses, I love coming up with great ideas to get my listings sold, celebrating with my clients when we close, creating solutions to new problems…  There’s really nothing that I enjoy more than this career.  But it was really in my DNA all along; more on that another day.

Are you thinking about a career in real estate?  Reach out to me!  I would love to talk to you about it.  I could literally talk all day about it.   And, as always, I am here to help…

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