New Year’s Resolution: Sell My House

2017 is the year that you are going to sell your house.  It’s been decided. And why not? There are multiple reasons why you should…

  1. The market is beyond ready for your house.  Since 2015, the average number of new listings on the market has been declining.  In my own experience as an agent, 2016 was marked by multiple offer situations, love letters to sellers trying to get them to sell, and days gone by without a new house to show buyers.  I don’t know why there are so many sellers reluctant to sell right now, but if you are planning on moving in the next five years, here’s why you should go for it right now…inventory-levels-kcm-768x576
  2. Along with the inventory dropping, there are more buyers coming to the market who have finally been shaken off the fence by rising mortgage rates.  It’s not up to alarming levels, but the rates have moved from the mid 3% to the low 4% range.  Again, no cause for alarm, but buyers are finally getting wise that the golden era of stupid-low interest rates is over and just the small uptick has buyers running to buy.  And guess could be waiting for them?  Your house!
  3. Since we’re talking about it, in South and North Carolina, not only are we seeing an influx of new buyers to the market (seriously, if you’re under the $200,000 price range, you better be packed and ready to move because the buyers are coming), but buyers are moving HERE and they needed your house “like yesterday!”  It’s become one of my new favorite buyer phrases right behind the casual walk-in closet only fitting the wife’s stuff joke. Seriously, nothing, and I mean, nothing, could be finer than to be in Carolina at this point in time.  Take a look at this infographic:movingacrossamerica2016-kcm

Seriously, guys.  No need to mix words, here.  If you are toying with the idea of selling, 2017 is YOUR YEAR.  Especially here in the Carolinas.

Who do you know that is looking to sell their home?  Maybe it’s you, a friend, a family member, a coworker.  I am here to help. Start the year off on the right foot with your very own customized Market Report that will give you a monthly snapshot of your neighborhood activity. p.s. It’s FREE!

Next week, I’ll talk about prepping your house to sell. Have a fantastic week, and I look forward to helping you in 2017.

Always thankful for your referrals, contact me here!

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