Ask A Realtor: I’m Local AND Global

I was on the phone the other day with an old friend of mine I hadn’t spoken to in YEARS.  But that’s the funny thing about the world in which we live. Thanks to Social Media, I can call up an old friend and it’s like no time has gone by at all.  After talking with her, she mentioned to me that she would love to refer me more to friends and family in the area, but the main hindrance was she had no idea what areas I covered.


Ta-Da!  Here is my “wing span!”  I cover as far South as Great Falls in Chester County and as far North as Huntersville!  That’s 60 miles from North to South. As far as the width goes, I have gone as far West as Clover and as far East as Pageland.  That’s almost 50 miles.  So, are you ready for this?  My area of influence…just LOCALLY is…drum roll please…

3000 square miles

The gasoline companies love me, I tell ya!  So, with that being said, I can travel pretty much anywhere I am needed.

Now, here’s the extra kicker.  Say that you’re moving wayyyyyy out of state, somewhere my license can’t touch.  I can STILL help you!  “How?” you ask.  My company is a part of the LRE, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Network.  Which means I can refer you to a fantastic agent virtually anywhere in the world AND make sure you’re properly taken care of.

I've Got The World In My Hands

So, who do you know that needs my help?  Or where do you want to go?  I can help you!

download (2)

Well, it’s official.  I can’t be left unsupervised with graphic editing software any longer. 



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Ask A Realtor: My Why

I’ve met with countless buyers and sellers over the years and the two most common questions I receive are:

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • Why did you decide to become a Realtor®?

The first question is actually really, really hard to gather an answer.  Mainly because there was no memorable START date. My mom, who is still a Realtor®, started her career while I was in middle school. Sometimes during the summer I would “intern” for her, which is a fun way of saying she didn’t know what to do with me, so I would put brochures together for her in exchange for pocket money.  I began actually working for her while I was still in college as her administrative assistant which quickly grew into licensed assistant and then buyer’s agent.  I would have to go to my broker in charge Colleen to see what my actual anniversary date is, but just for kicks, I think I have been in for about 9 years with Allen Tate Company.

12552644_10100728631957966_7129497245431482234_n (1)

Me and Pat Riley, President & CEO of Allen Tate Company

Why I Do What I Do…I decided to become a Realtor® because I believe that everyone deserves the home of their dreams and that dream is achievable.  I believe that every seller deserves a fun and easy home selling process and that, too, is achievable.

How I Do What I Do…I educate my buyers and coach them to make smart decisions during the process so that the goals we set together are realized in their ideal time frame. For my sellers, I educate them on the selling process, assist in optimizing the visual attractiveness of their home through staging and photography, and guide them through the negotiating process towards a positive outcome.

What I Do…I match up buyers with a home that is ideal for their lifestyle and budget, and I market the houses of prepared and empowered sellers.

Want to learn more about a career in Real Estate?  Reach out to me!  You can pick my brain anytime!

By the way,  I am having a first-time homebuyer seminar THIS WEDNESDAY!  Stop by if you’re local!



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Manifesting the Home of Your Dreams Part 1

Every morning, I start my day with meditating and journaling. It centers me, keys me in to what I really want, and it offers me the time to put out calls to the universe to bring me the opportunities and people that I need in my life to achieve my goals.  Before you start rolling your eyes, I am not a guru nor am I going to go on an Eat, Pray, Love travel binge anytime soon.  But I can tell you that this works.


At the beginning of January, as I was going over my potential sales and listings, I realized that I had nothing under contract.  I literally had no buyers to help and every potential seller I was reaching out to was hunkering down and staying inside. And I get it, it was a long, cold month. No one wanted to get outside, buyers or sellers.  A lot of other agents were feeling the pinch, too.  I heard one of my coworkers lament that, for the first time, after people  had been coming to her for years, she was going to have to actually ask for the business.  I stayed my course, meditating for five minutes a day and then journaling, filling in the blanks:

  • I’m happy because…
  • I’m excited for…
  • I’m grateful for…
  • I love…
  • I’m committed to…
  • I’m proud of…

Believe me, I wasn’t a fan of it.  Who wants to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and then sit there quietly and then write stuff down? Meh.  But sure enough, beautiful things started happening.  New people came into my life, opportunities to help were popping up like daisies.  I now have 8 listings coming in and I am working actively with 15 buyers in addition to the clients that I am already motivating and empowering.  Because I changed my mindset.  It was just a switch.  Instead of agonizing over the numbers and the failures, I was asking the universe to guide me to first helping myself get centered and focused on what I needed to do and this in turn made me thrilled to say “yes” more to opportunities.

So what does this have to do with manifesting the home of your dreams?  Simple.  Day in and day out, I hear the same diatribe from many a buyer.

  • I can’t buy a house because I have bad credit.
  • I can’t buy a house because my medical bills are too high.
  • I will never be able to find the house I want on my budget.
  • What I want is not out there.  I might as well just give up.

I invite you to flip the script for a week.  Change your daily affirmations to something more positive and see if you notice small changes.  Really commit to it.  It’s fun to dream and manifest what you really want in life.

Instead of “I Can’t Buy A House Because…whatever reason”, change it to  “I will buy a house in (set time frame) because it will (write in benefit you wish to achieve from home ownership).”  It could be anything!  Maybe you are tired of paying $1000 for rent or you want something that’s yours. Write it down, read it.  There you have it, your why.  Read that why every single day.  It will get you out of bed in the morning, excited to take on the day, and bring you new opportunities so you can achieve your goal.

Like my Ask A Realtor series, this subject is going to take a bit more than just one post, not just because it’s a pretty loaded subject, but because I am still learning it.

So, homework for this week…heh, get it? Homework?  Write down your why. Read it every (clap) single (clap) day (clap).

Also, a book you should really check out that lit a fire under my tuckus.


I prefer the audiobook version personally.

The power of positive thinking is a game changer.  Give a shot for the week and let me know how it worked for you!


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Realtor Thoughts: Putting Yourself In A Box

Yesterday, my mom, my sister, and I brought out my mom’s wedding dress from the basement.  This was a momentous occasion, because about 10 years ago, I decided I was going to wear my mom’s wedding dress and that. was. that. Period.

The dress was beautiful, gorgeously preseserved, not a single blemish on it.  And it didn’t fit me.  It did fit in the terms of it zipped up the back and I could breathe.  It fit in the terms that I wanted a lace dress and the dress had lace.  So I perched myself on the bed, and stared at the dress.  I came up with some ideas for what I could do with it, and then scoured the internet for inspiration.


Whilst flipping through photos of girls who totally worked absolute magic with their mom’s wedding dresses, of course some newer, more modern dresses popped up.  They were breathtakingly gorgeous, so much so in fact, that I burst into tears.  My efforts at “making this work” were futile. I loved the dress but it wasn’t me.  And that’s when my mom took my hand and told me that I didn’t have to wear her dress.  In fact, she was really looking forward to the dress shopping experience, something she had never had with her mom.  She said that my wedding day is the one day I should feel confident and beautiful, and it took my mom to realize that I wasn’t going to feel that way on the wedding day in the dress that I had been planning on wearing for the last 10 years.

That’s when I realized that that I had created a little box for myself of what I thought would make me happy and the others around me happy.  I was committed to that box, so much so that I was willing to do whatever it took to “make it work.”  Here’s the thing, the cost to alter that dress was going to be around just as much, if not, more money than buying a new dress would be.  And, it would have taken away the dress shopping mother/daughter experience that my mom wanted, and I found out really quickly, I wanted too.

When it comes to my clients, they come to me with an idea of what they think they want.  The beauty of it is, as the home search process progresses, the wants transition to needs.  And there is a struggle with that.  For so long, they have told themselves this is what they really want and now they’re figuring out what they really need.  When it comes to the place that you’re going to be living for the next 5 to 30 years, trying to “make it work” is ill advised.  There is a difference between some carpet and paint to bring it up to snuff and forcing yourself into a home that you think you want and can “make work” by compromising payments and the feeling you get when you come home at the end of the day.

  • Don’t be afraid to branch out and keep your options open to find what you really want.
  • When you find “the one” that makes your heart sing, you’re on the right track.
  • Having an advocate on your side that can help you see outside of the box is incredibly important.
  • In the words of the Stones: you can’t always get what you want, but if you try some times, you’ll find, you get what you need.


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Buyers Corner: How Much You’ll Have to Pay During the Purchase Process

Happy Hump Day, everyone.  And what a wet one it is.  Pouring cats and dogs outside and the poor inspector I am currently sitting at a house with is going to have to get on the roof eventually.  But, hey, the seller left us fudge and they are generously letting me use their Wi-Fi so life is good.

Today is a short day, so I am going to keep this post short (you’re welcome).  Of the many common questions I get from my buyers is: how much am I going to spend up front?  There’s the short answer: Totally up to you. Then, there’s the long answer: Totally up to you, but you need to know what the services are and what you are paying for.

Health Illustrative

Oh, man, I love me a good infographic!  Don’t go running to the hills or to the bank just yet upon seeing this list.  It’s important to decide which inspections you are really going to need and what you don’t.  If you are buying a house that is on public water and sewer, a well and septic inspection is not needed.  Your Realtor® will be able to put you in touch with service providers that fit your budget, as well.

Have additional questions on how much money you should be saving for your home purchase?  Give me a call!


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Client Success Story: First Time Buying with The Chisari’s

Each month, past clients share their insights and tips for buyers and sellers.  February’s Client Success Story is the Chisari Family and their experience with buying their first home!


Nicole and her son Eddie Dean.  Her husband Jason was at work during the photo shoot so we definitely missed him and will need to catch him next time around.  

I met Nicole back in college which feels like eons ago, and, like me, she decided to stay local and raise her family in Rock Hill.  I was absolutely stoked when she reached out to me in 2012 to help her and her then-fiance Jason purchase their first home.  Yes, Nicole, it’s been almost 6 years since we started the process.  It took them about a year and a half before the official search started, but once they were in, they were 100% in.  A couple of the best buyer clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Nicole and Jason chose me to be their agent because she had been following my work since college, and one of the most important traits they valued in their agent was trust.

I wanted someone who I felt I could trust and would put my family’s best interests first versus a paycheck, and I knew you would do that. I also knew it would take my husband and I some time to find our perfect fit (partly due to me being selective, partly due to his repeated question of ‘Are we ready for this yet?’), so I needed the aforementioned trust.


The key to working with the Chisari’s was exercising patience, which they greatly appreciated.  A buyer should never feel too rushed, especially when buying their first home.  There was a lot of searching and we initially found one that seemed to be a good fit at the time, however, upon further inspections, Nicole and Jason found out the house was carrying a significant material defect and had to cancel their contract.  Back to the drawing board, and right down the street we went, to a charmer that had been on the market for a couple of months. Nicole says that the moment she stepped inside, she could envision future holiday celebrations and decorating in this house that she did not quite experience at the other.  They are still making little changes here and there for them, but it has always felt like home.


We did visit their dream home a time or two before making an offer, but once we were in, it was smooth sailing from there.  They closed just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Nicole’s best advice for first-time home buyers:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments of your life, so the more you know…you get the drift. Don’t get caught up on small things like paint color or cabinet handles – those are easy fixes. Lastly, don’t get caught up in sticker shock. Just because a home says a certain price doesn’t mean you have to offer the highest amount right at that moment.


While the market has changed significantly in such a short period of time, this is most excellent advice.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really need when it comes to negotiations.

Since then, Jason and Nicole have done their decorating and their house is positively adorable during the holidays.  They brought their son Eddie Dean to this home from the hospital and it’s so fun to watch him figure out the world in this house.  It’s a gorgeous, magnificent slice of life, this home.  And I am so honored I got to help such a wonderful family move in.

Until next time!

Thank you to RegStinson Photography for the gorgeous photos.

Want your own home success story in 2018?  Give me a call!


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A Pirate Looks at 30


It’s 3 AM on the last day of my 20’s. In a few hours, I will be on a plane with the love of my life, my mom, and my dad, on our way to the greatest city in the world. There’s so much that this life has given me, and I am so thankful for it.

I am not really scared of 30.  30 was and still is way older than I thought I would ever be.  You remember when you were 5 and an adult told you they were 30? And you were like “Ugh! That’s soooooo olllllllllllld!” Yeah, that’s what I mean.  And even though I am way older than I thought I would ever be, I haven’t felt younger in my life.  This is what 30 feels like? Heck, yeah! Give me more of this!

I keep hearing from other women of my “certain age” that turning 30 is the turning point in a woman’s life. This is where all the proverbial fecal matter that hit the oscillating rotatory has settled and finally, FINALLY I’m just now beginning to find myself.  There were a lot of mistakes made in the writing of this post. There were tears, worst-day-evers, and growing pains, most of which led me to a higher level and I wanted to share the few small/big lessons I learned in my 20’s that maybe will resonate with someone.

  • Forgiveness Is Hard…and Easy.  About 7 years ago, I lost a group of my girlfriends to some stupid fight or another.  I won’t go into the specifics mainly because I can’t even remember why or how it all happened.  But it was quick and it was final, we were done.  What I can say is for those 1.5 to 2 years I was without them, it was just…weird?  That sounds like the word for it. I don’t really remember much of that time at all.  I’ll call it my gray period.  And, somehow, they came back in to my life, slowly, one at a time.  I think we were all skittish at first; fast forward 5 years and it’s like nothing ever happened until, usually on girl’s night, after a round of purple alaskans (or three), one of us will tearfully hold the other and say “I’m so glad we’re friends again.”  You can’t force forgiveness, it’s not an overnight process.  However, if you take it day by day, forgiveness and peace is possible.  Like anything else, it’s a process.
  • Your Tribe Will Lift You Up.  Honestly, I don’t know how I got so freaking lucky to have the “tribe” I have.  From my work friends, to my karaoke friends, to my girlfriends, to my theater friends, cosplay friends, my family…the list goes on and on.  There are so many people over the years who have been a part of all my crazy ideas.  And not once have I really ever really heard anyone go: What? B!tch you crazy! You are not doing that! If you have at least one best friend in your life, you’re doing well.  And being a part of a tribe is equally important.  Each person has a different way of looking at the world, different skills sets, dreams, passions…and when you have that in a community of supportive people, the world becomes a better place. 


  • But Did Anyone Die? Starting out in the real estate business on my own about 4 years ago, it was a fast jump from being my mom’s buyer’s agent to BAM! Morgan Overcash, Realtor®.  It was all trial and error.  A lot of it.  Starting out, there was a lot of crying, nervous break downs, and long nights of agonizing over the problems of the day.  I remember one particular morning, after unloading about 5 minutes worth of angst onto my broker in charge, I was sobbing.  I felt like I was pinned in a corner and couldn’t breathe.  Then my BIC, the ever-lovely Colleen Coesens (because I’m not a suck up at all) folded her hands, looked at me, and inquired, “But did anyone die?”  Of course, the obvious answer was “no.” Puts things into perspective, though, right?  We spend so much time freaking out over what happened and what could potentially happen to us that we’re not taking the time to see what’s happening right now.  When I get like that, I ask myself “Is anyone going to die if I don’t…” or “Is someone going to die if I do…” It’s a lesson in letting go, to stop agonizing over the future and the past, and just being in the moment.
  • Be Impulsive.  I am accused of being impulsive, like it’s a bad thing.  And sure, sometimes my crazy ideas don’t turn out to perfection i.e. let’s build a pirate ship in the yard that will ultimately suck up multiple weekends, ruin the yard, and cost more than anyone ever thought.  However, from deciding, which is the most important part, not hm’ing and hawing over the how, beauty is created from the chaos.  If that ship had never been built, the community may not have come together the way they did, awesome memories and laughter would not have been created, the money for the Palmetto School may not have been raised, and most definitely the neighborhood kids wouldn’t have had a cool pirate ship to play on for the month of Halloween.  But the most important lesson is that if you have a dream, just freaking do it already.  Decide that you’re going to do something and commit to it and let the details take care of themselves.  Slideshow1
  • Just Be the Freak You Were Born to Be.  How many times have we heard this one.  Be (clap) your (clap) self (clap). The times in my life when I was the most happy was when I was doing what I wanted to do, my way.  Simple as that.  Do I really need to delve any further?  If you are waking up every morning absolutely miserable and that feeling never goes away, it’s obvious something in your life is off.  Take the time to tune into yourself and ask “what would make me happy in this moment?”  And then do it.  Put together that puzzle, bake that souflee, dress in drag and do the hula!  Be the freak you were born to be, own it.

This is Captain Morgan signing off until next Wednesday.  See you on the other side!

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